Is It Anxiety? How Do You Know?

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Ok, so we’ve take a trip through the history of anxiety and I’ve shared with you some of the ways I personally handle my anxiety. Let’s talk about you. How do know if you are anxious. Do you even know if you are? Do you identify with “anxiety” or is it something else for you? What does it look like for you?  How does it show up?


Anxiety can present in different ways for different people. The symptoms of anxiety can creep up on you gradually over time or suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. Symptoms like:

  • hot and cold flashes
  • shaking
  • racing heart
  • tight feeling in the chest or chest pains
  • struggling to breathe
  • snowballing worries that get bigger and bigger
  • a racing mind full of thoughts
  • crying
  • loss of appetite/stress eating


If you experience any of these things on a relatively regular basis, you may have anxiety.  Sometimes you may only have one or two things on that list? Some people may suffer from situational anxiety.  Some people may suffer from general anxiety. Its personal and relative to you and your experience.


The fact that anxiety can present so differently from person to person is what makes healing it naturally so appealing.  Anxiety is not a one size fits all kind of issue. So why should the treatment for it be the same for all? This is where healing your anxiety naturally has its benefits.  When you are living a lifestyle that supports natural healing, you are developing practices that are unique to you and your situation. You are honoring your bioindividuality and taking care of your body and mind.


I don’t think that any of us like to completely rearrange our lives because of our anxiety.  Nor is it feasible for us to do so most of the time. Anxiety can be a real bear and show its ugly face at the most inconvenient times.  So instead of completely rearranging your life when that happens, learn what you can do to manage YOUR anxiety YOUR way, naturally.


This is why I have created a training to help you learn how to do that.  This training, 5 Steps to Taking Control of your anxiety in the moment will go through 5 different tools you can utilize as the anxiety begins to heighten in your life.  This training will provide valuable content and support for those of you who have tried other methods to heal your anxiety, but haven’t been able to reduce your anxiety before a panic attack.


This training is also about teaching you that you can get in control of your body and brains to reduce the physical reaction you are having which reduces the anxiety.  We will address what each of these 5 Steps does for you to be able to control and heal your anxiety naturally.


You don’t have to suffer alone through the struggle of your anxiety anymore. You don’t need to feel stuck or lost or whatever tangles you up in the moment. You can have control of your body and mind with the proper tools in your back pocket.  You deserve the freedom that comes from knowing you can take control of your anxiety in the moment.


To register for this training click here.  It is jam packed with life-changing and practical information you can implement in  your life today. And if you know a friend or loved one who could benefit, bring them along too!  Why not, its free!


See you soon.



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